Community of Focus

Design for Diversity materials are also organized into seven different communities of focus. This is how we have defined our communities of focus. Please contact us if you have any feedback. The seven communities of focus are:

African American and Black Communities

This community includes African-American and other U.S. communities of the African and Black diaspora.

Asian American Communities

This community includes Asian-American and other communities from one or more countries in Asia or of the Asian diaspora.

Indigenous Communities

This community includes Indigenous communities and knowledges. This groups a great number of diverse nations under a single tag, so we welcome comments on whether the concerns of those nations (as colonized peoples) are similar enough to warrant one tag, or whether there are better ways to represent these peoples.

Latinx Communities

This community includes Latinx communities who are of Latin American descent and the Latin American diaspora.

LGBTQ Communities

This community includes the queer community in general, the transgender community, the non-binary community, and all types of sexualities and genders.

People with Disabilities

This community includes disability or accessibility (as it relates to disability).


This community includes all people that identify as women.