User Guide

This user guide describes the different menu options for this Toolkit and defines formats, categories, and tags.


Orientations are practical guidelines for how to implement this toolkit in your workplace or classroom. They are a starting place where users can think about how to use toolkit materials and apply specific activities and resources in their situation.

Orientations have been written and revised by members of the Core Design Group and the Design for Diversity Grant Team.


The Toolkit Materials are a combination of case studies and study paths created specifically for this Toolkit as well as an annotated collection of scholarship and ongoing work in this area.

Case studies and study paths were created specifically for this Toolkit, and we are very grateful to our authors.

These materials have been organized using two sets of categories: formats and topics. Formats are the different genres of material in this collection. Topics are eight thematic cross-cutting topics which were revised through an iterative process with different groups within the D4D community.

As the project continues to develop, we will be incorporating a “Community of Focus” category, which will make explicit the roles of race, gender, sexuality, ability status, ethnicity, religion, language, and other identifying traits in these materials.